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This book is unlike any other that I have read. Or rather used. Used is an odd word to apply to a book but that is what you do with the The Daily Stoic. You use it.

Because it’s a daily reader. Each day of the year has it’s own page and a quote from a Stoic philosopher. There’s a brief explanation or some further thoughts on the idea and that’s it. Put it down until the next day.

I’ve found it to be useful. I’ve read the major Stoic works, Meditations, the Enchiridion and Letters from a Stoic. But not they all need a re-read. This is a step towards that while still being its own thing, its own tool. I try and use all books as tools for learning but this feels more defined. You don’t just read it. You read one page and one page only each day.

The months each have a theme, like clarity for January. The daily passages then follow the theme. As the month passes your understanding of the concept builds and widens.

The book arrived late in the year, so I started in December near the end. Strange but it makes it feel oddly permanent, like this is something I will continue to do. The book that I will never stop reading.

I haven’t talked about the physical form of a book before but this is perfect for the task. It’s a small, tidy hardcover. The pages are well formatted and clear with plenty of room left on each page to give that days idea room to breathe. And the bookmark is an excellent touch. Readers like me with small, bookmark-stealing children will find it invaluable.

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How Do You Read The Daily Stoic?

I don’t usually explain ‘how’ to read a book as it’s a rather straightforward process. The Daily Stoic is different, as you only read the page set for that day.

First thing each morning, I stumble down the hallway and meditate. Then I read the day’s page and write any thoughts in a journal. The meditating puts me in the right mental space to absorb the passage. The reading then puts me on a productive track for the day ahead.

The section I’m on now, December, is on mortality. It is all about living each day to the utmost. A popular theme with the Stoics and one I can always learn more on.

Should I read it?

More and more I think that Stoicism has much to offer everybody. I’m a huge fan of Ryan Holiday, his book Obstacle is the Way got me interested in the Stoics in the first place.

The Daily Stoic is both a great intro to the philosophy and a way to delve deeper into the subject. Read it and then get your hands on Meditations. I plan on starting 2017 with a re-read and will write about it then.

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  1. December 29, 2016

    I’ve recently started reading Stoic books, and this seems exactly like a book I could use. Thanks for recommending it! If it’s anywhere near Obstacle is the way or Mediations, I’ll surely enjoy it

    • December 29, 2016

      Great to hear. I find it an excellent daily reminder. I hope you get something out of it.

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