Six of the Best Podcasts to Get You Started

Podcasts dominate my auditory life. For the last three or four years I choose podcasts over music any chance I get. I’m addicted to the range and diversity of information and how they can teach and inspire you. It’s like having your own radio channel where the guests and hosts only talk about topics that interest you.

The pods have taken over. I listen to them whenever I can, especially doing chores around the house. If I’m washing the dishes, cooking or hanging out washing then I’m listening to a podcast.

Podcast on the bench

Podcasts can fire you up and fuel your drive to get better. I’ve been listening to a run of Kelly Starrett interviews and it’s got me inspired to work on my mobility more. I’m mobilizing in the morning and stretching at night, foam rolling while watching TV.

There are podcasts for every niche and interest, no matter what you are into someone is talking about it. Finding a new podcast is a great feeling so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites.

Six Podcasts to Start With

The King of Kings is Hardcore History, every podcasters favourite podcast. Dan Carlin breaks apart a historical era or event. Then he retells and explains it over multiple episodes of two to three hours each. If you like history or storytelling then you must check it out. It’s epic.

The Joe Rogan Experience, one of the original podcasts and when he’s on, Joe is great but I base my listening on his guests. I’ll tune in for anyone MMA or BJJ related and some of the exercise and diet types that he gets on. I pass on any conspiracy types, psychedelic salesman and most of his comedian mates (the great Joey Diaz is an exception).

Tim Ferriss, somehow one my favourite writers became one of my favourite podcasters. Actually that’s not the right term, I don’t love his writing, I love the content. Dude writes things that you can use. His podcast is the same way, it’s effective. You learn things and can then apply them to life. Plus he got me interested in Stoicism and introduced me to Ryan Holiday. Boss.

Train window with podcast
The Moment with Brian Koppleman. Interviews with writers and musicians by a working TV writer and show runner. It’s outstanding. Brian has an empathy and connects with his guests through their work. And it’s about the work. Putting in the time and effort and when the moment presents itself, making the most of it.

Fights Gone By with Jack Slack. Jack is not just my favourite combat sports writer but one of my favourite writers of anything. The way he breaks down a complicated sport like MMA and explains what the athletes are trying to do. It’s astounding. Listening to this pod makes me want to train smarter, write better and drink more cups of tea.

Podcasting Bro. I stumbled across this gem two years ago. Then binge listened while we were working on getting our coffee roastery ready to open. It got me through painting in a freezing warehouse in July. It also shows the open, democratic nature of the podcasting game. It’s two mates from the UK, living in Holland. They talk about training while giving each other shit, getting guests in when they can. They are on a hiatus but it’s a great example of how podcasting is open to everyone.

Microphone for Podcats

How do you find good Podcasts?

I find myself tracking down guests that I enjoy. Audio Stalking. When I hear someone I like, they are often doing the circuit promoting a book. Then they’ll be on more pods and when I listen to their interviews I might find new podcasts to add to the ranks.


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